Pink Panda Southeast Asian Diner

I find pandas adorable and I’ve always loved the color pink, so when I found out that there’s a restaurant named after some of the cutest things on Earth, I knew right then and then I had to go – NOT. Haha! Well okay, real story, I think Erwan Heusaff’s cute <and yes he cooks (or so I heard) which makes him so hawt in my eyes haha> so I wanna try out his cooking, well his recipes. So yes, off to Pink Panda with the gang for some Asian feast!


The only interior photo I was able to get. Great. Mukhang pagkain talaga haha

Pink Panda is one of Erwan’s food haven, serving the more popular Southeast Asian cuisines. The whole sleepover gang was present for this dinner date so that meant more dishes to try yey!

Appetizers, Dimsum and More

The appetizer list was nothing but uhm, appetizing haha so we tried all those available that night

VC Spring Rolls <Php 260>  mushrooms, spiced pork, shrimps and pickled jicama wrapped in rice paper. Basic dipping rules, the steamed goes with the paste while the fried goes with the spiced vinegar. I prefer the fried though because hello, oily is hearty. Lol!


Prawn Toasties and Tom Yum <Php 320> is your appetizer version of the tom yum soup. Their sour prawn and mushroom broth was crazy! No wonder it’s one of their signature dishes


Of course we got the Panda Buns <Php 210> because it was so cute! Hahaha! That’s steamed pork buns with mushroom, salted egg and siracha hoisin


Xiao Long Boom <Php 240> was a ginormous xiao long bao. Boom. 

Main Event

Our tummy’s stars of the night! Everybody wants a piece of everything on the menu so we had to pause for a while and get our act together haha! Glad we chose what we did!


The Indo Gyoza <Php 185> was easily one of my favorites. I love gyoza and that peanut sauce was so awesome I cried. Haha!


One of my friends got the Prawn and Pork Laksa <Php 410> which I never tried because I’m not a laksa fan, not to mention it has cilantro which I super hate. She said it was good tho. I’m never gonna try it still lol!


General P’s Chicken <Php 290> was a crowd favorite, well my crowd hehe! The savory sweet & spicy chicken sauce really matched the texture of the nuts. Flavor fireworks in my mouth! Super yum!


My personal super extra favorite <yes, I just had to emphasize haha> was the Crispy Beef Rendang <Php 430>. First, I love crispy meat and second, the batter blended really well with the curry sauce. Almost finished this one by myself


Seafood Pho Tha Hoe <Php 460> white shrimps, crabsticks, squid balls, rice noodles and shrimp hakaw in seafood broth


Crab Mie Goreng <Php 345> or what I would always call Malaysian pancit 

The Verdict

Pink Panda might not be your typical go-to-comfort-food diner but it’s surely worth a try once in your food loving life. Then again, who knows right? you might develop a habit. Hihi! WLY, Erwan! Haha! ❤

Pink Panda Southeast Asian Diner | Ground Floor, Y2 Residence Hotel, 4687 Santiago Corner B. Valdez Street, Poblacion, Makati City | (02) 856-3790


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