Macau Cotai Strip: Asia’s Las Vegas

Macau is known as the Las Vegas of Asia, thanks to its ever growing gaming district, Cotai.

After spending days of calm and pure cultural travel which I already shared before, my sisters and I decided to have a bit of fun and visit the hotel and casino complex of the Cotai Strip. Did some Wiki research and learned that the term Cotai Strip was actually coined by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, a multinational hotel and casino developer and is one of the major developers in the region. Cotai is actually a reclaimed area which resulted to the connection of Taipa and Coloane, the two out of three  major areas of Macau. Some can easily dub this place as another sin city but for sulit travelers like me, this is nothing but pure heaven because it made traveling in Macau way convenient and easier.


Cotai is easily accessible by bus and cab from Central. If you’re trying to save a little for your big gaming night – you may opt to ride the free hotel shuttles which can be found in selected stops within the Central area (there’s one in Hotel Sintra), the airport and the ferry terminal.


Hotel #1, Casino #1, Hotel #2, Casino #2, REPEAT. Haha! Roaming around the area is as easy as 1,2,3. You can actually visit all the casinos in a day but if you want to check out some other attractions then I reco you stay at this area for about  2 days. 🙂




10906015_10152593613703587_3641001196732198038_nThe Venetian is the most popular complex in the area prolly because it houses more attractions than the others. The Venice inspired architecture, design and experience is easily a plus point. It was Christmas season the last time we went hence the winter theme. Props for the mini ice-skating rink they put up!


My sisters were too happy they had to do the emoji (dance) haha



City of Dreams is known for their amazing projection shows. If you have extra MOP or HKD’s to spend, you may want to check the House of the Dancing Water, a state-of-the-art musical that is supposedly set underwater. We wanted to see this but didn’t have enough time to do so. I heard they really have crazy water/fountain techniques!

All the casino complex houses hotels, restaurants and shopping centers as well so you’ll never run out of things to do. But if you wish to take a break from ’em urban stuff, you can go to Coloane.



10922460_10152593607623587_7670428816887461050_nWe really wanted to see a real-life panda so we made sure to visit the Macau Giant Panda Pavillion at Seac Pan Vai Park. It was easily accessible via bus from the Lotus Rotunda <that’s where the free shuttles from the casinos will bring you>

The park is open from Tuesday-Sunday, 10am – 5pm and there’s an entry fee of 10 MOP/HKD. Totally cute experience. Haha!


Walking around the peaceful streets of Coloane


It’s actually pretty expensive to stay at the Cotai area but I say it’s worth it Because hello, spacious rooms and sheets wif gazillion threadcount! Haha!


We stayed at the Sheraton in Sands Cotai Central and we super looooved ‘et!


We got a deluxe room with queen bed for about Php 7,000++ (about MOP/HKD 1,160++). My sisters and I thought it was okay to splurge (haha) after several days of tiring activities. 


I say Din Tai Fung in a heartbeat!

10922519_10152593589178587_561756692940516292_nMy DTF order template includes wanton soup , fried pork chop best paired with egg fried rice and ya know it — xiao long bao! Best XLB eveeeerrr! Din Tai Fung is located at City of Dreams. 

Going around Cotai was so easy you don’t even have to google it haha! You can just walk from one complex to another or ride the casino shuttles. Going to Coloane requires a bit more effort tho, but Macau’s public transport system is very tourist friendly so you need not worry. There’s still so much more to see actually and I promised myself I’ll check them all out next time. I fell in love with Macau the second time around and I’m pretty sure this is not the last.





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