SkinZoned: My Facial Care Essentials

If there’s one thing my last twenteenth birthday taught me, it is to give importance to my (aging) skin.

When I was 20, my then boss told me to start using anti-aging facial products already. But being young (and stubborn), I dind’t find the need to, until prolly 9 years later, when I started noticing them signs of time on my face.

I tried a lot of products and I’m so happy to found the product mix that was best for my skin type. Sharing them with you just in case you’re looking for products to use too.

I use different sets for day and night, limiting my usage to the following because I might get lazy putting so many stuff eventually.

My morning mix is composed of collagen powder which I add to either my overnight oats or coffee, Vitamin E, a light facial wash and a moisturizer with SPF.

www.thingsheloves.wordpress.comShiseido Collagen Powder, Healthy Options Vitamin E (400 IU), Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash, Body Shop Skin Defence Moisturizer with SPF 50. 

My evening mix is a little bit more complicated. I use more products at night to rejuvenate the skin after a long day at work because hello sun and stress. I use an exfoliating facial wash for pore-deep cleaning. After drying, I tone my face with micellar water (I was using L’Oreal before but Garnier worked better for me) then apply all my moisturizing products and eye cream.

SnapseedSt. Ives Apricot Scrub, Garnier Micellar Water, Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence (Serum), Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream (Moisturizer), Olay Total Effects Eye Brightening CC Cream.

These products actually works for me because they make my skin tight (or atleast I feel that way hehe) and in effect lessens the baby wrinkles and lightens up the skin too! Also if you can, get a facial treatment at least once a month for better cleansing.

A few more tips — drink at least 8 glasses of water daily, eat vegetables, exercise, get enough sleep, and always be happy and let your inner glow shine out — super basic but will never fail you!


I hope reading this helped you in any way, let me know if you have other product suggestions too! 🙂




Hello 2016

New year’s resolution, bucket list, life goals, a new me — no matter what you wanna call it, the idea’s one and the same. Out with the old, in with the new.

Prolly a huge percentage of this world’s population was as excited to welcome the new year. After all, it gives everyone another shot at a fresh start – the perfect excuse for missing out on your resolutions last (new) year haha!

I must admit tho that I’ve missed a good half of my 2015 to do’s, for a long list of acceptable reasons, I must say. Hehe! Trying to recall how my year went so yeah, had to go through my Instagram posts for reference. Lol! Photodumping in 3.. 2.. 1..



Started the year with a Cebu trip with the bestfriends and loved ones. Braved the crazy Sinulog Festival crowd because yeah, we were all feeling 22.


Did a lot of road trips earlier this year too. Went to the hot air balloon fiesta for the 2nd year in a row, just because we wanted something cute to post online. No. Really. Ano ba talaga. Haha!




Also spent a lot of (non-work related) time at the beach. Haha. Just had to put that qualifier. But yes, there were a lot of work-related beach trips too, kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?



Two of my bestfriends also got married! Why hello, how time flies



Went to several gigs too because Francis got into dj-ing and you know, I can be too much of a stage jowa at times. This is him at his biggest racket this year – Neverland Manila’s Zedd Fan Weekend. Top photo is Haywyre opening for Zedd’s actual gig. Had to see Zedd for the nth time because poor Francis have not been to any hehe


Also got to play volleyball again (after what? 10 years?) and met awesome people in the process! Yey for new found friends and work-life balance!


Had to go through some bumps with the fam but you know what they say, the family that takes photos together, stays together. Hehe. Praying for better health for this bunch the entire year


Also took one of the most adult steps I’ve made in this lifetime. Well I thought I’d stop at getting my own car 4 years ago, so I’m really thankful to the universe for giving me this opportunity. Had our house renovated and it was just one of the best feelings ever! Yey!

But honestly, regardless of everything I wrote, I would say it was a good year because hello, came out of it in one piece. That’s all we need after all, another shot – to make things right, to do more things, to see greater heights and maybe, just let it all pass by – whichever makes you happy.

Have a great year!



Of viral videos, graduation and that medal I should have worn

In the spirit of graduation, a video of a girl delivering her salutatory speech went viral recently because she was cut short by a school official when she started talking about transparency and questioned the grading system of the school. Here’s the video, for your reference


Would’ve been inspiring. So much for freedom of speech haha!

So I watched the material and I can’t help but feel nostalgic and remember the time when I was exactly in the same shoes but felt too young and scared to do something about it.

It’s been years since my elementary graduation but I still clearly remember how I was robbed (or at least I felt I was) of the “honors” I think were due to me just because I was vocal about transferring for high school.

One of my subject teachers (who also held a high post in the school) gave me a grade that is a point away from the honors qualifier so ya, I was disqualified, I didn’t even saw my final paper I swear to God. I was a consistent honor student since first grade so that was so hard to believe, I didn’t even saw it coming, I would’ve appreciated a proactive advise that I might not make it but no, I was caught off guard. Where is the love, really?

Also, a leadership award was given annually to the president of the student council (that was me, and oh, I was vice president the year before) so I was kind of expecting it. Come awarding time, my first name was called – but with a different surname! And yes, they ended up giving the award to the “different surname”. Haha. Must be my lucky year. Seriously, that was my first heartbreak ever. It took me quite some time to get over ha, I really got lazy in high school and felt that I wasn’t good enough. That experience got the best of me, I was traumatized – my hands are cold typing this, yeah, flashback feels.

I guess where I’m coming from is that I failed to do something about it, I was young, naive and scared, I didn’t even cry for help, I just let it pass. I wish I had the same courage, or have developed the same ideals earlier, then I wouldn’t have kept the anger for long. I should have said something during my “presidential speech”, that would’ve gotten me a standing ovation I bet you. Hahaha!

But yeah, you win some, you lose some people. It’s how you come out from the life challenges that matters. When I was in college I knew I had to turn things around. It was like a personal vendetta. I told myself to finish this race with a bang – and thankfully, with some, no make that a lot of help from my friends and a little bit of booze to keep me sane, I made et and ended up in that little fancy stage with the rector handing over a little piece of metal to me and my mom. It really made me cry, the validation was priceless.

So there, never underestimate the passion and power of young minds. After all, it is what gets you places, it is what brought me where I am today. Make that dream happen, and make sure to earn a lot from it haha!



Summer Cheese

Because everything gets pretty when shared with this equally cray cray being. Here are some snippets of our first legit getaway, warning though, not for the lactose intolerant because yeah, cheese.

Flight was a bit delayed so we had to distract ourselves to contain our excitement. What better way to do this than take silly selfies right? Haha. Trust me, there are lotsa where this came from! Haha!

And the rest of our summer cheese flick is brought to you by our trusted monopod, haha! First order of business, as always, is food related. From buffets, happy hours and all ‘em local treats – Jonah’s being our fave because seriously, what’s a Boracay trip without it?


Because we load up hard, we try to lose as much as we can by doing some fun activities. Sky biked, took an all terrain vehicle ride to the highest point of the island and enjoyed all the water fun we could get




But if I have to pick the bestest part of this entire trip, I would say it was marvelling at the insanely scenic sights together. Sharing breathtaking moments with someone who takes your breath away is just priceless



Summer is ever beautiful and I’m thankful to be able to create memories with this person because just like what that fastfood jingle says – everything is better when we do it together. Hihi! Hope your summer was equally bright and awesome!