Hello 2016

New year’s resolution, bucket list, life goals, a new me — no matter what you wanna call it, the idea’s one and the same. Out with the old, in with the new.

Prolly a huge percentage of this world’s population was as excited to welcome the new year. After all, it gives everyone another shot at a fresh start – the perfect excuse for missing out on your resolutions last (new) year haha!

I must admit tho that I’ve missed a good half of my 2015 to do’s, for a long list of acceptable reasons, I must say. Hehe! Trying to recall how my year went so yeah, had to go through my Instagram posts for reference. Lol! Photodumping in 3.. 2.. 1..



Started the year with a Cebu trip with the bestfriends and loved ones. Braved the crazy Sinulog Festival crowd because yeah, we were all feeling 22.


Did a lot of road trips earlier this year too. Went to the hot air balloon fiesta for the 2nd year in a row, just because we wanted something cute to post online. No. Really. Ano ba talaga. Haha!




Also spent a lot of (non-work related) time at the beach. Haha. Just had to put that qualifier. But yes, there were a lot of work-related beach trips too, kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?



Two of my bestfriends also got married! Why hello, how time flies



Went to several gigs too because Francis got into dj-ing and you know, I can be too much of a stage jowa at times. This is him at his biggest racket this year – Neverland Manila’s Zedd Fan Weekend. Top photo is Haywyre opening for Zedd’s actual gig. Had to see Zedd for the nth time because poor Francis have not been to any hehe


Also got to play volleyball again (after what? 10 years?) and met awesome people in the process! Yey for new found friends and work-life balance!


Had to go through some bumps with the fam but you know what they say, the family that takes photos together, stays together. Hehe. Praying for better health for this bunch the entire year


Also took one of the most adult steps I’ve made in this lifetime. Well I thought I’d stop at getting my own car 4 years ago, so I’m really thankful to the universe for giving me this opportunity. Had our house renovated and it was just one of the best feelings ever! Yey!

But honestly, regardless of everything I wrote, I would say it was a good year because hello, came out of it in one piece. That’s all we need after all, another shot – to make things right, to do more things, to see greater heights and maybe, just let it all pass by – whichever makes you happy.

Have a great year!